Baby School Near Me? In the UK? part- 3 city primary school

The British International School of New York

The British International School of New York is proud to be an I.B. World School, authorised to deliver the Primary Years and Middle Years program, taught by a world-class faculty. This dynamic combination promotes a fully-rounded and stimulating experience in a warm and welcoming and child-centered environment, where every child is both supported and stretched to meet their individual potential. BISNY knows that a happy child is a successful child, and that the right environment in those early days can make all the difference.
Situated overlooking the river at E.23rd St in Manhattan, BISNY’s location benefits from unparalleled fresh air, water views, spacious classrooms and state-of-the-art resources including an on-site pool, all designed to offer its students a different side to New York City and a very warm welcome.CurriculumIB, BritishLanguage of instructionEnglishAges3 to 17Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $35,500
to: $53,820Your personal score.

Avenues New York 

Avenues: The World School is an independent school serving toddlers through 12th grade. Founded with the vision to establish one school with many campuses that are intentionally connected and located in key global cities, Avenues is one highly integrated learning community, supported by a common mission, shared curriculum—including language immersion—world-class technology, and an expert faculty. Avenues is helping define a new category of school—a world school—that goes beyond what’s expected of a school today to develop the future thought leaders and innovators of tomorrow.CurriculumChinese, Spanish, InternationalLanguage of instructionEnglishAges3 to 18Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $59,800
to: $59,800Your personal score.

Dwight School

Founded in 1872, Dwight School is an internationally renowned independent school (nursery-grade 12) committed to educating the next generation of innovative global leaders — one student at a time. Providing a personalized experience for each student through the academically rigorous International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum, Dwight is dedicated to “igniting the spark of genius” in every child. Dwight School has been recognized by the IB organization as a world leader in international education.CurriculumIBLanguage of instructionEnglishAges2 to 18Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $29,900
to: $53,550Your personal score.

German International School New York

German International School New York is an accredited bilingual (German-English) and coeducational private day school for Pre-K through Grade 12 located in the heart of Westchester County, just 30 minutes north of New York City. It blends rigorous German and American curricula in an open, supportive environment that promotes personal growth, independence, and teamwork. Small class sizes allow teachers to pay close personal attention to each of their students, thereby helping them to achieve their potential and encouraging them to develop into multilingual, analytical, and conscientious global citizens.CurriculumAmerican, GermanLanguages of instructionEnglish, GermanAges3 to 18Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $24,365
to: $24,365Your personal score.

Lyceum Kennedy French American School 

Lyceum Kennedy French American School provides a fully bilingual education to students from nursery to 12th grade, in a multicultural environment. With its highly qualified and experienced teachers, it offers an extremely competitive academic structure. Small classes and individual attention contribute to the complete development of each student’s personality.CurriculumIB, American, FrenchLanguages of instructionEnglish, FrenchAges3 to 18Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $30,600
to: $35,700Your personal score.

La Scuola d’Italia 

La Scuola d’Italia is an independent Italian/English bilingual school (Pre-K – 12) imbued with the best features of the Italian and American educational systems. Its unique culture stems from its bicultural identity and multicultural environment where acceptance and diversity, equity and respect, are the principles that naturally shape the life of the bilingual school.CurriculumIB, American, ItalianLanguages of instructionEnglish, ItalianAges3 to 18Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $26,000
to: $34,000Reviews (3 reviews)Your personal score.

International School of Brooklyn

International School of Brooklyn is an independent, non-profit school that is known for its innovative and robust Pre-K 3–8th Grade French and Spanish language immersion program and International Baccalaureate curriculum.CurriculumIB, Spanish, FrenchLanguages of instructionEnglish, French, SpanishAges3 to 14Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $31,629
to: $40,956Your personal score.

Whitby School

Whitby School is a private school for 18 mo. – Grade 8 offering a revolutionary blend of International Baccalaureate and Montessori.CurriculumIB, MontessoriLanguage of instructionEnglishAges2 to 14Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $32,650
to: $43,900Your personal score.

Pine Street School

Pine Street School is New York’s only IB World School offering Spanish and Mandarin Immersion, Nursery(2s) to 8th Grade.
In dual language immersion, native Spanish or Mandarin Chinese speakers and native English speakers maintain and develop their first language while acquiring native-like communication and literacy skills in a second language. Students have two teachers in the classroom, each working in English or Spanish/Mandarin Chinese in small groups, all day long. Academic content is taught and assessed in two languages over an extended period of time.CurriculumIBLanguages of instructionEnglish, Chinese, SpanishAges2 to 11Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $42,000
to: $50,500Your personal score.

EF Academy New York  

EF Academy New York is everything you would expect from a world-class boarding school – modern facilities, experienced teachers and internationally recognized academic programs. But what truly sets EF Academy apart is its mission to provide you with a superior education that empowers you to excel.CurriculumIB, American, BritishLanguage of instructionEnglishAges14 to 18Yearly fees – 2022/2023from: $42,000
to: $42,000Reviews (1 review)Your personal score.

The École 

The École is an independent, French-American bilingual school serving an international
community of Maternelle-to-Middle school students in New York City.CurriculumAmerican, FrenchLanguages of instructionEnglish, FrenchAges2 to 14Yearly fees – 2022/2023from: $38,400
to: $39,800Your personal score.

Lycée Francais de New York

Lycée Francais de New York is leading private, independent French and American school offering a bilingual, pluricultural education.CurriculumAmerican, FrenchLanguages of instructionEnglish, FrenchAges3 to 18Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $40,700
to: $40,700Your personal score.

Maryel School 

Maryel School of New York is a top private international and bilingual co-educational day school educating students from Nursery through the 5th grade. Located in the heart of Manhattan, Maryel is a harmonious combination of the education system in the United States and Spain. Founded in Seville, Spain in 2004, Maryel aims to educate girls and boys “to be the best they can be and prepare them to thrive in their lives beyond Maryel by helping them trust that they are unique human beings who can accomplish anything.” With a rigorous and challenging education, Maryel incorporates all forms of critical thinking and inspires a life-long love of learning. Maryel School encourages its students to reach their academic, social, and emotional potential in a challenging and supportive environment. Tradition and innovation come together in this wonderful community.CurriculumAmerican, SpanishLanguages of instructionEnglish, SpanishAges2 to 11Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $27,600
to: $34,150Reviews (9 reviews)Your personal score.

Keio Academy of New York 

Keio Academy of New York aims to provide a bicultural and bilingual education in Japanese and English in a predominantly boarding setting for students aged 13 to 19 preparing for admission to Keio University in Tokyo or other universities around the world.CurriculumAmerican, JapaneseLanguages of instructionEnglish, JapaneseAges14 to 18Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $31,100
to: $31,100Your personal score.

United Nations International School

The United Nations International School is the school of the United Nations, and is a Pre-K-to-12th grade, coeducational, International Baccalaureate, college-preparatory day school.CurriculumIBLanguage of instructionEnglishAges4 to 18Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $40,647
to: $45,254Your personal score.

French-American School of New York 

French-American School of New York is a bilingual, international, co-educational day school providing a global education to students in nursery (3 years old) through grade 12.
The school has 2 different programs: International track and Franch-American track.CurriculumIB, American, FrenchLanguages of instructionEnglish, FrenchAges3 to 18Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $29,000
to: $37,540Reviews (3 reviews)Your personal score.

Brooklyn Friends School

Brooklyn Friends School is an independent, college preparatory Quaker school where the majority of the faculty holds advanced degrees, and the Upper School offers the academically challenging and highly esteemed International Baccalaureate Diploma Program. BFS is proud of its active, supportive parent body, enthusiastic teachers and dedicated staff, and thoughtful and articulate students. Together, BFS forms a community reflective of a unique combination of intellect, energy, and heart.CurriculumIB, QuakerLanguage of instructionEnglishAges2 to 18Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $36,700
to: $51,080Your personal score.

International Academy of New York 

International Academy of New York is an independent, co-educational, bilingual Mandarin and Spanish early childhood through 8th grade school located in the Upper East side of New York City.CurriculumAmerican, Chinese, SpanishLanguages of instructionEnglish, Chinese, SpanishAges2 to 14Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $39,700
to: $47,000Your personal score.

Léman Manhattan Preparatory School 

Located in the heart of New York City’s most historic district, Léman Manhattan Preparatory School is a co-educational independent learning community and International Baccalaureate World School committed to educating, empowering and inspiring students from early childhood through 12th grade to be confident, independent critical thinkers.
Léman also offers a boarding program.CurriculumIBLanguage of instructionEnglishAges2 to 18Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $37,000
to: $57,850Your personal score.

Nord Anglia International School New York 

Nord Anglia International School New York is a British international private school in New York City. Its collaborations with MIT and Juilliard allows NAISNY to offer a truly unique curriculum that will help your child fulfil their potential.CurriculumBritish, InternationalLanguage of instructionEnglishAges2 to 14Yearly fees – 2021/2022from: $25,500
to: $45,349Your personal score.

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