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It’s an associate degree exciting milestone once the baby is prepared for solids. However, what do you have to feed them within the 1st year? You can’t fail with these healthy choices food for babies.

When it involves feeding a baby, there’s no “Top 10” list of superfoods for you to print out, stick on the icebox and follow to a tee. (Sorry!) In fact, specialists agree that limiting your child to solely a couple of “best” foods in their initial year (or any year, for that matter) would truly do them a disservice. “The first year of life is once the surface is trained,” says Tina Ruggiero, MS, RD, LD, author of the simplest home-brewed Baby Food on the Planet. “The 3 rules I tell my shoppers to follow are: select colour, assume fresh and introduce new flavours and totally different textures at age-appropriate stages. Following these guidelines, oldsters can realize quite ten fruits, more than 10 vegetables and more than 10 proteins to try.” And whereas you’ll additionally need to speak with the baby’s specialist for guidance, adding the subsequent nice choices to the baby’s diet—and avoiding one or two freshman no-no foods—will get your kiddo off to a healthy start.

Breast Milk

If you’ve been giving baby, understand that simply because your infant is now able to begin solids doesn’t mean you ought to stop nursing. once all, the yankee Academy of pediatric medicine (AAP) recommends exclusive breastfeeding for concerning six months, and so continue to breastfeed together with giving solids till the baby is twelve months old—or longer, if it works for each mama and baby. “The best possible food for the primary year is breast milk,” says Loraine Stern, MD, FAAP, writer of the book Nutrition: What each Parent must Know. If you’re victimization formula, continue until baby is twelve months previous or till your medical specialist provides the okay to stop.

Best age for breast milk: Birth And Old

Iron-Fortified Cereal

Baby is born with a natural provide of iron. It’ll be depleted by the time they’re around vi months old, Stern says, therefore introducing iron-rich foods is essential. One that matches the bill: Iron-fortified cereal. It oughtn’t to be the normal initial food of rice cereal—oatmeal. And barley is a sensible choice too—just confirm you begin with a single-grain formula.

The best age for iron-fortified cereal: 4 to 6 months and older

Sweet Potatoes

Okay, therefore there’s no baby superfood—but sweet potatoes come back pretty close. In keeping with Ruggiero, they’re one amongst the foremost alimental foods for babies. Why? They’re wealthy in beta-carotene, which the body converts to victuals A—and that’s necessary permanently vision, healthy skin, traditional growth and protection. From infections. Plus, several babies just like the soft, pudding-like texture of pureed sweet potatoes, says Susan Casey, RD, CD, medical speciality clinical dietician at city .

The best age for sweet potatoes: 6months and old.


Meat—like chicken, lamb or beef—is a superb supply of protein, also as iron, riboflavin, niacin, vitamin B6 and zinc. Simply confirm it’s pureed to a swish texture. (According to Nutrition, for infants, “even finely cut meat is also exhausting to handle and cause choking.”). Strive mixture the pureed meat with breast milk and a favourite green goods puree. If you’re making ready it yourself, or purchase plain pureed jarred meats.

Best age for meat: 7 to 10 months and older


“Beets are an unprecedented nutrient supply,” says Ruggiero. “They’re an honest source of folic acid, high in atomic number 19 and beta-carotene, and they’re a sweet veggie—which babies take a feeling to quickly.” Roast or steam them till they’re super-soft; then mash them. The best age for beets: eleven months and older


Plain (not vanilla) whole-milk food is another protein-rich choice for babies—plus, it contains metal and useful live active cultures. (Confused on why yoghurt created with cow’s milk is okay for babies, however actual cow’s milk isn’t? “Very simply, milk sugar is already dampened with the culturing of the yoghurt, and milk proteins are either removed or limited, thus it’s straightforward for baby to digest,” says Ruggiero.) The best age for yoghurt: nine months and older.


Believe it or not, several consultants love good old school Cheerios. The limited O’s within the yellow box are superb sustenance and a decent supply of fibre. “I don’t suppose childhood would exist while not Cheerios,” says Stern. The best age for cheerios: 9 months and older

Foods to Avoid Giving Babies

There’s an embarrassment of healthy choices out there to feed the baby. But there are some stuff you do wish to avoid the best food for babies. Confirm something you provide your child isn’t a choking hazard, and hold off on the subsequent items:


Tempted to sweeten up baby’s bland pear sauce with slightly of honey? Don’t. in step with Nutrition, “Honey is coupled to infant food poisoning, an unwellness which will be fatal.” The tummies of babies below age one merely can’t deactivate the botulism spores that may be in honey, Stern says. Thus avoid this food till the baby has passed their 1st birthday.

Cow’s Milk

Babies can’t simply digest cow’s milk, that is one reason why specialists advocate waiting until the annual mark before giving it. The best food for babies.

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